Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) Account

Moneys invested in this type of deposit (Quarterly/Monthly Income Certificate) provide fixed monthly income by way of interest to the depositor.

Best Monthly Income Scheme & MIS Scheme in Nidhi Company

Orianna India Nidhi Limited introduced one of the best monthly income plans in Haryana with the coverage of good monthly income interest rates on monthly income scheme account. Due to the stable income of the salaried people, this scheme would not be of much benefit to them. It is best suited for the retired, senior citizens and for people without any income source.

Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) Account Interest Payment Table
(On Deposit of Rs. 10000/-)

Period Rate of Interest Monthly Income
1 Year 11.00% 91.60/-
2 Year 11.25% 93.75/-
3 Year 11.50% 95.80/-
4 Year 12.00% 100/-
5 Year 12.26% 102/-

Terms & Conditions:¬

  • Minimum MIS would be of Rs. 10000/- and further in multiple of Rs.10000/-
  • No TDS Deducted on interest paid by Orianna India Nidhi Ltd. on Deposits.
  • Special MIS is applicable only for Senior citizens, women, and Govt. employ and for pensioners.
  • Loan available against Deposit up to 75% of deposited amount after one month from the date of deposit.
  • Rate of interest on loan against Deposit would be 5% higher than applicable rate of interest to your Deposit.

Payment before maturity not allowed for 90 days deposit scheme and Payment before Maturity allowed to other MIS plans, in this case the Calculation of interest on pre-mature payment will be applicable as per savings a/c’s rate of interest and already paid interest amount will be deducted from the principal amount.

Choose your Monthly Income Scheme as per your requirements and avail the option of applying for savings account in our Nidhi Company in Panipat (Haryana).

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